2L Cat Water Fountain with LED Light

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Cats love drinking from our fountain
It's better for their health too!

Your kitties nose is dry, but they refuse to drink from a bowl and insist you turn on the tap!

Without adequate fluids your kittie's health is concerning;
Poor water intake can lead to organ dysfunction, poor temperature regulation, cardiac arrhythmias and neurologic dysfunction.

Cats are prone to a low thirst drive as their instinct is to derive adequate water from eating live prey. They're also picky when it comes to water condition.

Our Cat Water Fountain, Pureflow™ provides the water your cat craves, clean and flowing which encourages your kittie to drink more giving them a happier and healthier life!

  • Reduces dehydration and health issues
  • Quiet operation for nervous kitties
  • Provides filtered water with less debris
  • Less refilling with large capacity tank
  • Saves power with low energy consumption

A "must-have" for healthier cats and tap drinkers! 

 -Reasons why veterinarians love our fountains!
  • Reduces long term health problems by providing clean, fresh and filtered water regularly!
  • Works quietly for nervous kitties. No need to worry about kitty being scared of the fountain.
  • Requires less refilling with a large 2L capacity storage tank. Frees up more time for yourself!

  • Easy to clean as every component lifts straight out and can be washed with soap or in the dishwasher.
  • Low power consumption means with continuous use will save you money on your power bill.
  • Promotes a happier and healthy cat. Notice how much more energy and affection your cat has when they feel good!

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