Happy Lunar New Year! An important Announcement From Us!

Due to Chinese New Year, orders may be delayed in shipping by 7-14days. Orders placed after 08/01 may take between 3-5 total weeks for delivery. When shipping resumes on 31/01, orders will be sent out in the order in which they were received, We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey Amzi Pets Friends

As you all know well by now, we produce most of our products at overseas facilities. Our primary factory and warehouse are located in YiWu, China. We manufacture and ship from Asia simply because doing so in the Canada-US would elevate costs significantly. We strive to keep our products affordable while still offering exclusive designs you can only find on our site, so we've elected to employ one of China's safest and most reliable pet product factories.

Now, we went through great pains to find a supplier that's both ethical in their treatment of workers and reliable when it comes to shipping. We work with our amazing Chinese colleagues on a daily basis - they are literally the hardest-working people you'll ever meet. In fact, in China it's customary to work constantly - 7 days per week - to deliver quality products across the world. 

As a celebration of their hard workmost of China shuts down during Chinese New Year for 2 whole weeks  - it's sort of like taking a 2-week vacation at work and looking forward to it excitedly, except our Chinese colleagues don't even take weekends! So the entire country goes dark from about 1/08 - 1/31, and this includes our warehouses. 

Unfortunately, this means that any orders placed during this period  (1/08-1/31) will take a bit longer to get sent out.

I personally can't imagine working as hard as our Chinese friends do. 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. It's remarkable. While it's very unfortunate that shipping will be paused for so long, we understand that everyone needs a rest at some point. During these two weeks, our colleagues will go back to their hometowns, spend much-needed quality time with their families, and just enjoy a bit of relaxation that we all deserve.